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Sanitaire Precision



The Sanitaire Precision™ 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum (as seen on this page 1st item from left) quickly converts to a handvac to clean hard-to-reach places anywhere in the home. This vacuum offers cordless convenience and a built-in charging stand to ensure the 2-in-1 is always ready for quick clean-ups. The latest cyclonic suction technology and multiple ways to empty the dust cup mean no bags and no hassles. This Precision with its 180 degree, dual axis swivel neck allows effortless cleaning in, around and under anything.

The Precision Upright (as seen on this page, 2nd from left)is the only vacuum that combines Microseal Fresh Air Technology! This system captures the ultra-fine particles that pollute the air, assuring you of thorough cleaning by providing maximum dust pick-up for all types of floors, stairs and upholstery. The optimum performance sensor system automatically monitors the vacuum's cleaning performance to ensure peak efficiency. Convenient integrated accessories are thoughtfully stored for easy access. The cord automatically retracts.

Efficient Sealed System with HEPA Filtration Sanitaire SP6985A Precision Canister (as seen on this page 3rd to the left)
The sealed HEPA filter in this Sanitaire Precision SP6985A vacuum cleaner retains 99.97% of pollens, household dust, dust mites and other allergens as small as 0.3 µm (micrometers - formerly microns) in size. This is a great help for those who suffer from dust related allergies as well as for asthma sufferers.
Effective 1200 Watts Suction Motor
The powerful 1200 Watt (9.0 Amps.) suction motor produces plenty of suction for cleaning all carpeted and bare floors.
Electronic Motor Speed Control
This Sanitaire vacuum cleaner is also equipped with an electronic motor speed control which adjusts the air flow, giving you complete control when you clean. Super "Quiet Kleen" Operation
You will find the super quiet operation of the Sanitaire SP6985A Precision vacuum cleaner adds to the delight of using this outstanding machine. It is so quiet that you can hardly hear the main machine running, just the purr of the power nozzle agitating and cleaning the carpets.
Air Driven Turbine Nozzle for Carpets
The Sanitaire SP6985A Canister comes complete with their turbine nozzle for deep cleaning low or medium nap carpets.
Deluxe Conbination Rug/Bare Floor Nozzle
The Sanitaire SP6985A Canister is also packaged with their Conbination Rug/Bare Floor Nozzle which works nicely on bare floors as well as low nap carpets. This deluxe combination tool has a top mounted pedal to switch between carpets and bare floors. For bare floors brush strips along the front and back pop out to provide a soft, non-scratching brushing action.

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